Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

We all come in different shapes and sizes, the same goes for our teeth. It could be that you’re self-conscious of a gap, or maybe a chipped tooth from when you were younger. Whatever the issue is that has changed the way you view your smile, we at Bells Corners Family Dentistry want to help. 

Many individuals when researching cosmetic dentistry think that there are only a couple of options to correct a dental imperfections. The most common methods people hear about are braces and veneers. In this blog post, we will uncover other options that are available to you. Options that are more affordable and involve a less invasive procedures. Then once you have all of the information, you can make the right decision for yourself. 

Fillings Vs. Veneers:


Most people have had a filling before, traditionally used to manage a cavity. What you may not know is that a filling in specific circumstances can actually be used for cosmetic purposes. There are several benefits to having a filling verses veneers. The first, is that it’s cost effective. In certain situations, this procedure (even though you’re leveraging it cosmetically) can be claimed on your health insurance. The second, is it is less invasive and time consuming. A filling is done in one session and will have you out of the dentist chair, typically in less than an hour. The only potential issue to consider, is that you may see a seam where your filling is and overtime there will be discolouring. If the seem is in a location that doesn’t bother you and you come in for a polish everyone once and a while, both of these potential issues are outweighed by positives. 


A Veneer is a multi-appointment procedure. The professional will take a mold of you tooth in one appointment and send it away for the actual veneer to be made. This process typically take 2-3 weeks. Once they receive the veneer and you return for the installation appointment, the dental professional typically has to shave down the tooth slightly so that the veneer fits perfectly. However, there are different types of veneers and this shaving is not a necessity amongst them all. This procedure is also known to be on the expensive side. Veneers are usually not applicable to health insurance except for rare occurrences. We understand there is much more to dive deeper on in this topic. That is why we at Bells Corners Family Dentistry are only a click or call away to answer your questions. 

When it comes to cosmetic dental care in Ottawa, Dr. Heari and the team of dental professionals at Bells Corners Family Dentistry provide a complete suite of general dentistry as well as restorative and cosmetic procedures to help you achieve the smile you covet.