Don’t Skip That Dental Cleaning | 3 Reasons Why

Dental Cleaning services from Bells Corners Family Dentistry. Experience a patient care like no other.So that dental cleaning appointment is creeping up on you, but you’re tossing and turning trying to rationalize canceling it. You may have several reasons for this consideration, maybe you have a lingering fear from childhood, or your healthcare allowance has run out, or more likely you have an event that day that you don’t want to reschedule. Whatever your reasoning, today we want to share with you why you should not cancel your dental cleaning appointment and why you should take the time to pop in and see us at Bells Corners Family Dentistry.

Removal of tartar:

Do you know that yellowing that you can’t seem to get rid of from brushing? Yeah, that’s tartar. Did you know that buildup of tartar can lead to tooth decay and can result in you feeling tooth pain? Tartar is plaque and plaque is acidic. It eats away at your tooth enamel and will cause cavities. By coming in semi-regularly for your dental cleaning, you are preventing that buildup and are ultimately providing your teeth with a healthy foundation.

Gum disease notification:

Gum disease is a sneaky issue. It starts off with very small signs, like a light bleeding of the gums and can turn into an extremely uncomfortable situation. When you have regular dental cleanings your oral hygienist can begin to identify larger upcoming issues, like gum disease. When you skip your dental cleaning appointment, you may be left with progressing gum disease, which if left continuously untreated will result in receding gums, tooth loss, and even bone loss. If you’re noticing inflamed or bleeding gums, we strongly recommend that you connect with us to book yourself in for an exam. You can do so easily online or via phone at 613-596-6447.

Save money:

If the reason for your cancellation is financial, we want to highlight that coming in for a dental cleaning may actually save you money in the long run. We understand that times are tricky, and that means you may have to stretch your money, but by coming in for your regularly scheduled appointment you are actually preventing larger more expensive issues from arising. A dental cleaning is one of the most affordable procedures in the world of dentistry, and this blog post has given you perspective of all that you’re gaining from a good dental cleaning. So if your wallet allows you, please do your oral health a favour and take care of your teeth, this means coming in for your scheduled appointment, or if you haven’t had a dental cleaning in six months or longer it is time to book yourself an appointment. Book with Bells Corners Family Dentistry today!

Now is the time put yourself first. Your oral health is crucial to your overall health. Maintain it by stepping up your game and coming in for your dental cleaning appointment. We can’t wait to make your smile shine even brighter than it already does!